Top 10 Best Guided Walks of London

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st pauls banks walk
Next Walk in St Pauls/Bank area: August 29th 2pm  {socialbuttons}
In 140 minutes your guide will take you through hundreds of years of the African presence and contribution to London’s way of life. Discover secret alleyways and enormous buildings all connected to Africa and the Caribbean in ways which the owners do not want you to know. Find out about Black loyalists and African revolutionaries. Uncover the submerged links between racism, trade, religion, slavery and politics which are still evident in the very streets and buildings of the oldest part of London. This walk features:
  • Ancient African architecture black history month ancient egypt tours for adults oct 2014
  • African influence on European romance
  • British wealth, African resources
  • Secret societies, world economics and the church
  • African Female Resistance leaders
  • African-American soldiers
  • Black freedom fighters in 1700's London
  • Race,Class,Gender,Economics, Science, literature and much more !
 "Thank you very much for the grand tour of the oldest part of London. That was a tour of a lifetime and most enlightening. Yes, I realise more than ever before how our ancestors and countries contributed to the wealth, growth and grandeur of the British EmpireProfessor Norman Maphosa, Vice Chancellor, Solosi University, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

'We enjoyed the walk, and I think it has very much enriched our study of the 18th-century novel and colonialism. I especially appreciated the way in which you used different locations in the City to bring out the connections (unexpected to students) between London wealth, imperial capitalism, and colonial exploitation of Africa and Africans during the era of colonization and slavery. Your presentation was lively and approachable, humorous at times, but deeply knowledgeable and with an activist edge. I’m sure this Black History Walk will be a memorable part of my students’ experience of studying abroad in London. I’ve copied my program administrators so that they have the information about the Walks, and you’re free to quote any of this if you like.' Elizabth A Bohls, Associate Professor, English Department, University of Oregon 

£10.00 adults £3.00 children. Private group bookings possible. Walks last approx 2 hours. Book HERE.

Trafalgar Sq close 1024x600 Next Walk in Trafalgar Square : August 30th 10am {socialbuttons} 
Millions of people walk through Trafalgar Square every day and have no idea of the centuries of African history under their feet and in front of their eyes. In two hours your guide will expose the links between Africa, India and the Caribbean and explain how history was whitewashed and racism institutionalised. In 2007 there was a huge emphasis on the 200th anniversary of the British ‘abolition’ of the human trade in 1807, but African freedom fighters in Haiti defeated the French, Spanish and British armies and had already declared their independence in 1804. This walk features:
  • African Kings and Queen Victoria Finland geography students Shweta 800x450
  • African Resistance leaders of the 1860's
  • Mandela; Apartheid, Tesco's and Kit Kat
  • Australia, Canada, Britain and the planned mis-education of indigenous people
  • The Will Smith of 1800's Europe
  • The African Princess 
  • Black self empowerment and corruption of the airwaves
  • Media propaganda of the 1800's and much,much more !

Many thanks for the really inspiring tour you gave us today. It was so well put together and the newspaper stories gave it an extra dimension. My companion also found the experience very enlightening. I thought it was a lovely group of people too. Julie Bart

'Just a few words from the Guild of Walkers WE enjoyed ourselves immensely . What a tour! Having worked in the city for thirty years, walking in and around, passing those landmarks, images, icons, churches, streets..this was one of the most beautiful walks I have ever had'. Glenda Trew, Guild of Walkers
£10.00 adults £3.00 children. Private group bookings possible. Walks last approx 2 hours, Book HERE 
carnival Next Walk in Notting Hill : August 30th 1pm  {socialbuttons}
There is much more to Notting Hill than Carnival but even that history is often mis-represented. Find out about pioneering African/Caribbean people who literally fought for equality and laid the foundation for modern multi-cultural London. Why does Portobello Road have that name? Where in London is there evidence of 3500 years of African civilisation? How is Kelso Cochrane connected to Stephen Lawrence? This walk features:
  • West Indian Freedom Fighters in LondonNotting Hill 400
  • The White Defence League, Oswald Mosley and immigration
  • Black self empowerment, economics and community planning
  • Claudia Jones and  the origins of Carnival
  • Bob Marley, Diana Ross, Muhammad Ali, Marvin Gaye, Band Aid, Rhianna,where they hung out
  • Shebeens and the Black Panthers
  • World War Two, Windrush, Segregation and Gentrification
  • Frank Chrichlow, Darcus Howe legends of  Black British Civil Rights
  • Race, Class, Gender, Literature, Science and much, much more!
I would like to say, first, that our guide was phenomenal today for our walking tour through Notting Hill. I really cannot thank him enough. He truly made the history and culture of Notting Hill come alive for my students, they said it was the best walking tour they had so far this term so thank you very much! Omaar Hena, Associate Professor of English, Wake Forest University North Carolina
This is the second time I have taken my students on the Black History Walk around Notting Hill, and both times my students have told me that it has been one of the best aspects of the course. Our guide, is personable, kind, interesting and passionate about the importance of 'seeing' the Black history, along with racism and resistance to racism, that is all around us, part of our everyday life. His knowledge and integrity shines through - we all learnt so much. Kavita Bhanot, Lecturer of Creative Writing and Literature, Fordham University
Thank you for the tour today, I’ve had such positive feedback from everyone that participated that we may organise it again.Once again thank you for a fantastic tour I really enjoyed it! Jeanine Francis, Lifelong Learning UK
 £10.00 adults £3.00 children. Private group bookings possible. Walks last approx 2 hours. Book HERE

Next Walk in Elephant & Castle :February/March 2020 {socialbuttons} 

This walk links the Imperial War Museum with the Cumin Museum of Ancient Egypt. It illustrates more than 200 years of Black history with tales of the Will Smith of 1800's London, the strategic planning  of the Windrush generation, African soldiers and their centuries of service to Britain, India and Africa's enormous role in WW2. We cover:
  • How Sam King the Jamaican RAF veteran fought the Far Right walkers
  • The Windrush generation and the fight for a place to sleep
  • Immigration, regeneration and gentrification
  • The Fisk Jubilee Singers
  • African-Americans, academia and  Queen Victoria
  • Paul Robeson, Welsh miners, the Trocadero
  • How organised Black British struggle changed the law
  • No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish
  • Mass media and Jewish refugees, Hitler and England
£10.00 adults £3.00 kids. Book here with number of walkers and walk title, you will then receive  joining instructions.Private group bookings possible. Walks last approx 2 hours.
British Museum 1024x600 Next  Secrets of Soho Walk: February/March 2020 {socialbuttons} 
This special walk delves into an amazing depth of Black history between Soho Square and Russell Square: It features:
  • Ancient African civilisations soho walk
  • Black Female entrepeneurs
  • The Marcus Garvey connection
  • Academia and the white curriculum
  • Black British Civil rights activists 
  • Forgotten African genocide of the 20th century
  • Black women broadcasters
  • Equality in the military
  • Mary Seacole, Walter Rodney, Ivan Van Sertima 
"The travel group is back in the States, vacation is over, how sad!  But memories will last for ever!  I, as well as others in the travel group really enjoyed the Black history tour.  When I talk about my trip, I talk  about the Black history tour before I lead into other sights that I have seen.  Thanks for the history and knowledge that was gained"
Gail Thomas
What an amazing tour! It completely moved me to rethink the intricate web of social, economic and political relations that characterize British imperial rule and racial politics. Engaging, moving, will keep you asking more questions. The best way to get to know London.
Alai Reyes-Santos, Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of Oregon
£10.00 adults £3.00 kids. Book  HERE. Private group bookings possible. Walks last approx 2 hours.
Clapham Common Underground station geograph 3095801 by Ben Brooksbank
Next Clapham Common Walk: February/March 2020  {socialbuttons}  
Due to the interest generated from our lecture 1834 Slavery Compensation: Who got the £20 million? We have sponsored a special walk in the Clapham Common area to expose the African  resistance and presence in the area. There are also many homes and establishments literally built from the profits of slavery. This walk features:
  • The African Academy, an all black school in the 1800'sUniversity of South florida Scott Solomon 800x450
  • Black Freedom fighters and the Sierra Leone connection
  • African aristocracy in 1800's London
  • Jamaican Maroons and African-Canadians
  • How enslaved Africans helped poor English people
  • Barclays, Hibbert and other  estates built with West Indian money
  • The Clapham Sect and white abolitionists
  • Stained glass propaganda and the famous Windrush air raid shelter
  • Inter-generational wealth 
 I attended the Clapham Common walk yesterday  and loved every minute! This was my first walk with the company and I was very impressed.Steve was a fountain of knowledge and so passionate about this part of history and answered all our questions thoughtfully. This was history on my own doorstep! - I learnt so much about my local community, the buildings and the contradictory and hypocritical attitudes of the people supposed to have helped the anti-slavery movement. I will definitely go back to some of the buildings and read more about some of the featured people mentioned during the walk. I will attend more of these walks as they are so educational and informative and a brilliant way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Highly recommended!!!  Elaine D
“I signed up to bring a group of visiting German students on a Black History Walk, and we all enjoyed the walk and learned a lot. The guide kept us all really engaged and provided a nice mix of distant and recent history." Dr Jeff Bowersox, Lecturer in Modern Germany History, University . £10 Adults. Book  HEREPrivate group bookings possible. Walks last approx 2 hours.
brixton ScrapSusNow flyer 
Next Brixton Walk (Womens special) February/March 2020  {socialbuttons}
Brixton is often compared to New York’s Harlem as the heart of the Black community. Like Harlem Brixton is being heavily gentrified but the African/Caribbean history is still evident if you have local knowledge..
Your guide will take you through the main and back streets of the area and reveal:

Black pioneers of the 1940’s
Segregation British style: No Blacks, no dogs, no Irish
Black economic independence : How to buy a house when the banks won’t lend to you
British Stop and Search compared to U.S Stop and Frisk
Brixton Black Panthers
Black British civil rights, who, what and where?
Resistance or riots ? Media and the black community
World War 2, migration and rebuilding.  Click HERE to book

bus tour 'We had the most full, educating, enlightening and rewarding day with the Black History Walks bus tour of London. I learned things I either didn't
know and things I would have never have thought about.
The (46) travelers and I talked about the tour all the way to the airport... your passion and dedication is obvious and we are better for it... all positive. All have vowed to have their eyes open more and travel more, so that they can share our history around the world with their family and friends! 
This tour has added a great extension to what we do and I'm so glad to have Black History Walks as a part of our program!'
Bernadette Champion. Champion Tours
Washington DC, USA 
A big THANKS for making my birthday special and memorable.  On  Wednesday 22nd June I travelled to London from Bedford for the day. As a birthday treat, I booked the 6pm City of London Walk through St Pauls. Our guide was very clear and provided many examples of our culture and history which is displayed all around us which we're unaware of. The guided walk and talk was such a enlightening experience, I'm making a photobook from the several pictures and notes made during the tour. The  BHW Team are providing such a wonderful service, through your website, walks, talks and events.  Nina Carter
 'I attended the walk today with my family, and I must say it was brilliant, it was a true eye opener for me and my kids. I have been working in the construction industry for over 20 years and today was the first time I felt inspired and not alone. It was a true honour to hear how far our history went back in time and I was so glad my kids were part of that experience. Your guide made my kids feel involved which in turn captured their interest. My kids and I continued talking well after the walk was finished and well into the evening, so again thank you and I can't wait to attend one of the talks! Denise Smith, Electrical Engineer
 black presence h
Black Presence in the National Gallery: Jan/Feb/March 2020 {socialbuttons}
From the margins to the centre.From objects and subjects of economic capital ;to creators and definers of cultural capital.Our African focused tour of the National Gallery reveals the many and varied Black presences to be found in the paintings and works on display from 1500's to 1900's. The tour looks at why they are there, what they meant in their time and what they mean to us today. We will cover:
  • African Kings and Queens
  • The Moor’s head
  • Musicians and Entertainers
  • Faces in a crowd
  • Artists

'Just wanted to say we really enjoyed the tour yesterday. Michael’s knowledge and passion for the subject was obvious and added greatly to the whole learning experience.It also reinforced how important images are, and their relationship to power'. Margaret Morgan

£10.00 adults. Book HERE , you will then receive joining instructions. Walks last 2 hours .Private group bookings, staff groups, birthdays possible. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

James Baldwin featured

Hackney Walk

This walk recognises 70 years since the SS Windrush arrived from the Caribbean..This tour starts with the 1950's and goes right up to the 21st century. We will cover:

  • Black music history soul, reggage, rave and acid: the legendary 4 Aces
  • Hackneys black activism and its pioneering role in housing equality
  • Sus and Operation Jackpot, the Freeway Rick Ross Los Angeles connection
  • Black British Civil Rights : Hackney Black Peoples Defence Association, Colin Roach and others
  • Revolution via reading: Black bookshops, Maarifa, Centerprise
  • Gentrification and social cleansing
  • Education and the black child, from grassroots campaigns to national change
  • Race Relations 1965, 1968,1976 the reasons, the impact, the legacies
  • The rise of the black church