joyce 350Black History Walks delivers talks, all year long. See our next public event HEREWe have over 40 interactive, short to long, multi-media presentations which can be presented to assemblies, universities, community or staff groups. The presentations cover National Curriculum items like World War 1 and 2, Black British Civil Rights and Science and Invention. In addition we offer adult education on Fibroids, Black Women Leaders, The Black Image, Medical Apartheid, Reparations, Abolition and Gentrification to name but a few. We also have a large selection of popular culture items like; The Black History of Comedy, How Jamaicans ended Slavery, African Superheroes Day, How to Brainwash the Youth and make them act like Fools! 400 Years of African Women Resistance Leaders, X Men/Captain America/Call of Duty Movie Breakdowns.

Previous audiences include primary/secondary schools, Bank of England, Houses of Parliament, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, UBS, Citigroup, Northern Trust, Morgan Stanley, Norton Rose Fulbright, PWC, HM Treasury, Department of Education and Skills, Royal Holloway University, Kent University, Care Quality Commission, The Red Cross, Westminster Council, Ofcom, Science Museum, Imperial War Museum, NHS, National Army Museum and Cottons Restaurant.

'The audience and the panellists had some incredibly positive feedback about your presentation. It went down so well and was an brilliant combination of information, revelation and humour. There were also a number of attendees whose firms or companies had organised a Black History Walk with yourself and also had nothing but positive feedback' Sharon Takhar, Origin Network, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP 

On a monthly basis we arrange and host the Queen Nzingha lectures presented by African Caribbean female academics/holders of expert knowledge speaking on their areas of expertise. Such talks include: The Impact of Hip Hop on White Masculinities, White Saviours and the Black Help(less), African Hair Police: Death and Discrimination on your head, How True African Dance was Corrupted into Porn and 26 other topics. The list below is not exhaustive, bespoke presentations can be arranged. Community Cohesion and PVE training also available.

You can help fund our free events by donating HERE, if you wish to support by providing a venue, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Recent media articles have complained of London being 'sold off to foreigners' It is certainly true that parts of London have drastically changed in appearance in recent years but what impact has there been on the African-Caribbean community ? Black History Walks have hosted a number of educational events on the Windrush generation, civil rights and housing in Brixton/Notting Hill, Peckham but some of our venues no longer exist due to gentrification.
Senior Lecturer Charmaine Brown will give an illustrated talk on the regeneration of Peckham and its impact on the African-Caribbean commmunity.Her talk will cover:
What is gentrification ? Positives and negatives
Peckham's history: Rural farms, upper class ghetto, urban warzone
Black British Civil Rights in South London
Black Empowerment via Wealth Creation: 'Box hand' and 'Sou Sou'
How African-Caribbean people regenerated Peckham/Brixton/Notting Hill before "Regeneration"
Depopulation, Repopulation and racist shops 

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Queen Nzingha Lecture 16. America's Racial Past and Future in The Help and The Purge by Dr Althea Legal-Miller.  The widespread appeal of Hollywood movies makes this particular medium a crucial site for examining the meanings of race in the United States. Popular films have the power to reconstruct the racial past of a nation, as well as envision its future. This presentation will provide readings on The Help (dir, Tate Taylor, 2011) and The Purge (dir, James DeMonaco, 2013) in order to examine both the racial and gender discourse that is embedded in these representations of two key social contexts - the 1960s civil rights era and the post-civil rights not-too-distant future. Analysis will highlight the ways in which these narratives draw on the preexisting cinematic racial order of white saviours and

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In this Xtra special movie breakdown we analyse 4 X Men movies from a Black History perspective. X Men, X Men 2, X Men 3:The Last Stand and X Men First Class . We will delve deep into the background of the X men comics and movies. We will cover:

Race and metaphor
Malcolm X and Martin Luther King
Marvel vs Disney
Disneys record on diversity
Hollywood propaganda
How 'liberal' media reinforces the status quo they claim to oppose
The role of the black superhero. Where are the African superheroes ?
African and world politics in disguise
Subliminal advertising