olympic 350

A ninety minute whistlestop tour through the history of people of African descent in the Olympics and the world events included in the Olympic timeframe. Heroic and amazing inspirational stories, the Olympic role in US civil rights, little known facts about forgotten Black athletes. Plus movies, books, and websites with more information for the curious

Miley Cyrus 350

African dance and culture has often been appropriated by Europeans and divorced from its roots. This presentation aims to give a general background to African dance and show how movements/styles were borrowed or imitated by various European cultures.Those cultures would then re-name and take credit for the movements or totally pervert them. We will also deal with sexism and racism in the music/fashion and dance business.The presentation covers:

A selection of African civilisations pre or co-existing European invasion
Original purpose of African dance
Weddings, fertility, birthdays, rites of passage
Dance as politics. European censorship and disgust
Popular dances in the West that have African origins/elements 

black scientist 350

Black Scientists and Inventors. A fascinating, comprehensive run down of everyday appliances developed by Black people as well as phenomenal scientific achievements that have gone unnoticed. Areas include: blood transfusion, nuclear technology, video games, ancient African astronomy, vaccinations ,torpedoes, space,computers, optometry,biology, mechanics and architecture.

SuperAfrican 350

Many artists are making up for the severe lack of positive images of Black people in animated films and comics. This animation festival for 6-60 year olds, will feature a variety of African-themed cartoons which tell tales of; Magical Nigerian women warriors, Anansi the West African Folk Hero, The story of Ogun and more. We also analyse and expose the unsavoury elements of corporations like Disney and how they stereotype gender and race in some of their most popular cartoon

'The African super heroes session today was great ! My two children really, enjoyed it. They couldn't wait to get home and watch the DVD, which they did more than once . It's 8.42am and the first thing all of my children are watching is that DvD i bought from you on Sunday (lol) no joke. My 14 year old daughter, my 7 year old son and my 3 year old daughter are watching as I