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Haiti's Women: Educational Film  Day /Fundraiser

Sat 27 March 2.15-5.45pm 
Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue,Queens Park, London, W10

Entry: £5.00 donation to Haiti.  Bring pen, pad and be on time
An audio-visual  expansion on the 'Why is Haiti so Poor ?' series.  This special session is  sponsored by A2 Dominion, Somali Family Support Group, and  Colourful Kids.We feature the film Poto Mitan where Haitian women tell their stories and share their achievements PLUS our unique, interactive, presentation covering unknown facts like:
  • Haiti and Somalia: The hidden connection
  • How Disney made Haitian women poor
  • Female Haitian Heroes
  • Shadism in the Dominican Republic and discrimination against Haitians
  • The Lambi project: 13 years of Haitian 'Do for Self, Garveyism'
  • 200,000 dead in Haiti, 4 million dead in the Congo, Which do we know more about and why ?
Our previous presentation at this venue, Black British Civil Rights Heroes 1596-2006 was sold out so please check the map and be on time. Suitable for children and adults