African Animations Forum 

Saturday 20th August 6.30-9pm

Venue: Near Walthamstow tube

Register your attendance by email or phone:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
or 07939 540 826 or 020 8509 7598. Contribution £6.00

This is separate to and different from African Superheroes Day..

Two hours of non stop cartoons combined with a black history quiz . Educational  fun for adults and kids alike. Cartoons include:

Afroman: Kwame lives in New York but has been given superpowers by the ancient Egyptian Auset. He has to recharge his superpowers by studying history and must use them to fight the Media Monster

Cabel an African village woman has her  children kidnapped by Aliens, she becomes a super-soldier and with her secret weapon  goes off to outer space to rescue them.

Bino and Fino: produced in Nigeria this brother and sister live in the city and find out about colonialism, african food and culture in their adventures. 

Anansi the spider gets into trouble after betting the Elephant that he's stronger,

Plus 6 other cartoons from all over the world with positive images of black people

Plus Captain America's Black History ! : The audio visual breakdown


'Had the best time  today at the Images of Black Women/Black History Walks animation forum..(that being my realm)  totally inspirational and encouraging. All my siblings had a great time, fantastic, as I was going to give it up so thank you! ' Natalie Cooper