black WW1

Conference Room

Imperial War Museum

Lambeth Road SE1

Tube: Lambeth North

Interactive lectures with references and resources on Sunday the 6th and 13th October from 2 to 4.30pm

Black History Walks has been running events at the War museum for over ten years. With the total refurbishment of the museum and the upcoming 100th anniversary of World War 1 we present a comprehensive overview of the African/Caribbean presence, contribution and importance in two  'world wars' . Despite being on the British school curriculum most people have no idea that black people played any part in either war.

Sunday 6th October 2 to 4.30pm

What were Black People doing in World War 1 ?

An explanation of the crucial role Africa, Asia and the Caribbean played in WW1. Interviews with Jamaican WW1 veterans, West India Regiment in Palestine, Black and Asian fighter pilots, the Herero genocide, German colonies in Africa and how that affected geography and WW2

"I wanted to tell you that the lecture given by BHW at the Imperial War Musuem on 26th July was brilliant! When I came home, my parents were really excited about how much I had Dad has always enouraged me to get a full picture of British history and until the lecture yesterday I hadn't fully realised how much of a void there is in the British History that is readily available at schools and Universities.
I am a student at Lancaster University and I study the First World War but I knew nothing about the involvement of Black British Soldiers! " Faye Grimes

Sunday 13th October 2 to 4.30pm

How Black People Won World War 2

War museum audience Black Victims of the Nazis Feb 2009

 Above. Previous war museum audience at Hitlers Black Holocaust talk in 2009

A detailed and extensive look at the African, Caribbean and Asian war effort with video clips and interviews with black Spitfire & bomber pilots, Nigerian and Somali troops fighting in Burma, black and asian women secret agents, u-boats in the Caribbean and the importance of Africa and India’s raw materials

Thank you so much for coming into our school on Friday. Your talk was really inspiring and so valuable to our students. It was great to see them so engaged'. Rebecca Howard, Canons High School, Queensbury