Black Sumer and the African origin of civilisation:
Lecture, Discussion and Book Launch”
Sat 26 October 5-8 pm
(Previously sold out. Repeated by popular demand. This event is pay-on-the-door first come, first served)
In the Black Community, it is increasingly recognised that civilisation itself began in Africa. However, mainstream scholars continue to teach that civilisation started in the 'Middle Eastern' regions of Iraq and Syria ( referred to as Mesopotamia/Sumer in ancient times).
In this presentation,  scholar Fari Supiya, and Robin Walker author of the 700 page African historical masterpiece 'When We Ruled'   will present new and cutting edge research that identifies who the ancient people of Iraq and Syria actually were.
For the record, they looked nothing like the people who dominate those regions today!
Is this yet another example of a Stolen Legacy?
Come along to our lecture, discussion, and book launch. You will find out:
  • How sickle-cell in ancient populations shows up in the skeletal remains
  • How a computer programme used by US police department forensics allows us to identify and classify ancient skulls by ethnic origin
  • How the languages spoken by ancient populations allows us to identify which modern populations they are related to.
  • Plus update on the present Syria situation from  a black history perspective
This event is history-in-the-making. We are presenting revolutionary NEW research and we are LAUNCHING three new books Black Sumer: The African Origins of Civilisation, and Black Sumer: The Physical Evidence 1 and 2This research on the Middle East is just as important and revolutionary as the work conducted by Diop and Obenga on Ancient Egypt.
We not only PROMISE to rewrite history, we are ACTUALLY DOING IT!
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Cost: £8.00 pay on the door
Event: Black Sumer and the African Origin of Civilisation
Venue: VAC Islington, 200a Pentonville Road, N1 9JP
Nearest tube: Kings Cross