(left) Gershon Brown (Guyana) served in World War 1 and fought in a crucial battle in Palestine against the Turkish Army who were allies of the Germans

(right) Eugent Clarke (Jamaica) also served in the British West Indies Regiment and was present at Taranto when the troops rebelled against being told to clean the toilets of white soldiers

(more info see Mutiny at www.sweetpatootee.co.uk )
Saturday 26th July 1pm-4.30pm
Conference Room, Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road SE1, Tube: Lambeth North.
Free entry: First come,first served, Please bring a donation

To promote the new exhibition detailing the African-Caribbean presence in World War 2. We present a series of monthly events which will add detail to the displays.

This interactive talk will use film clips, commentary and music to show what life was like in the Caribbean and how that population got to be there in the first place. It will aslo explain why they would want to fight and die for Britain a country that had enslaved their ancestors. Films to be shown include Mutiny about the West Indian Regiment based in Italy in World War 1