Above: Cy Grant came from Guyana, served in the RAF, was shot down, survived a prisoner-of-war

camp and later became an actor, author and community activist

Sunday 23rd November 1.00pm-4.30pm

Conference Room, Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road SE1, Tube: Lambeth North.

Free entry: First come,first served
Please bring a donation

An examination of the American presence in the Caribbean and the influence of US segregation

policies on Britain. How and why Britain was given 50 warships by the USA? British racism

compared to US racism, after-effects of the Empire on the Caribbean society, culture and economy.

Special Guest: Veterans from WW2

Sunday 16th November 12.00pm-5.00pm

Conference Room, Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road SE1

Tube: Lambeth North. Free entry: First come,first served

This is part of Black Film Festival more films at www.bfmmedia.com

John Henrik Clarke, Ivan Van Sertima, Francis Cress Welsing and Fela Kuti in one mindblowing documentary for preview click here.
http://video.aol.com/video/afrikan-world-masters-dir-kwaku-person-lynn/1850450  They break down ancient civilisations, internalised racism, the  education of black children and the power  of music in one amazing session. This awareness raising film will be followed with 4 new films from teenage directors about the causes and solutions for violent crime in London plus Q and A about what the youth think should be done: Films include:

North by Northwest Ten by Danny Mendoza

Shoot and Score by Leon Herbert

Choices  by Caz Kennedy

Knife Trends LDN by Shola Amoo

Showdown by Dewi Bruce

Growing by David Alexander

Saturday 1 November 2.00-6.00pm

Naij plus Q & A with Jide Olanrewaju

Conference Centre, British Library,Tube : Kings Cross

Free entry: first come,first served http://www.bl.uk/onlinegallery/whatson/events/november.html

Corruption, Mismanagement, Fraud, War are the stereotypical views of Nigeria and indeed Africa as a whole.This block-busting film explodes the mis-education and stereotypes and puts the country we now call Nigeria into context. This is the best film

on African history and politics you will see this year. If you've ever asked yourself "why is Africa the way it is?" the answers are here. Trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcRAWvKvaqM

Topics covered...

* How the British fixed the  elections
* "Nigeria" does not exist
* How Europeans encouraged civil war
* The Role and Rise of the Army
* The City of London = Corruption Head Office
* Creating poverty as a means of control