Above: Somali, Kenyan and Nigerian Troops were some of the best fighters in the war against the Japanese. They were not allowed to have black officers. When they returned home they were'nt allowed to vote and their land was often given to white immigrants from England.

Saturday 25th October 1.00pm-4.00pm
Conference Room, Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road SE1,Tube: Lambeth North.
Free entry: First come,first served Please bring a donation

This interactive talk will look at Britains use of false information to control the  African/Caribbean population while  recruiting them to fight in WW2 and the propaganda employed by the Nazi regime which highlighted the hypocrisy of the USA where black troops fighting for "democracy" could not vote or sit at the front of the bus. In England during the war racist attacks were common on black troops and Caribbean troops earned a reputation for fighting back

Above: Americas response to peaceful demonstrators. Nashville 1965

Sunday 12th October 2.00pm-4.00pm
Swiss Cottage Library,Tube: Swiss Cottage
Free entry, first come first served

2008 marks the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Although revered as a saint now, mainstream white America saw him as a troublemaker especially when he criticised the Vietnam War. We will examine the US situation and compare it to what was happening to race relations in the UK, South Africa and Australia we will feature Enoch Powell, Michael X,Kenya ,Uganda,Black Panthers, Urban Renewal and more

Word Power International Black Literature Festival and Book Fair

Friday  10th to Sunday 12th October 10.00am-8.00pm daily

Emirates Stadium, Arsenal Conference Hall, Drayton Park N5. More info:  0207 254 9632

Lectures, debates, film shows,book launches. Meet and netwrok with literary agents,authors,wholesalers,distributors,historians, from Africa, Europe, America, Caribbean...
Word Power aims to acknowledge the literary contributions of people of African descent in the development of both Western Literature and civilization. An event like ours has become all the more important since, within very recent times, scholars and historians such as Prof. Manu Ampim of Africana Studies, Oakland California (USA) (The Vanishing Evidence of African Classical Civilizations, 2006) and Robin Walker (When we Ruled), have once again found it necessary to challenge the West's attempt to falsify African History

How to get the best for yourself and your child

Friday 10th October 7.15pm-10.15pm

Light on the Hill Church, 1A Vaughn Rd, Harrow HA1, Tube: Harrow on the Hill,West Harrow

Adm: £5.00 (half price for kids) in advance ring Colourful Network 07838102024.

Previously sold out, this highly rated interactive presentation is for those adults who want to improve self esteem and academic performance. Topics will cover; how to get black history in your school, film,book and website resources to assist, how racism works in schools and what you can do to get round it plus Black Heroes of World War 2

Thursday 9th October 6.00pm-8.30pm

Peckham Multiplex, British Rail: Peckham Rye

Free entry: first come, first served.

A drop kick to the head of the  mainstream coverage of the bicentenary of the abolition of the "Slave Trade"  in 2007: this is an uncompromising documentary with contributions from community activists, project workers, teachers, historians and members of the African-British business community. Maafa explodes received ideas about British slavery and presents another history of the African holocaust while examining the politics of the British government's bicentenary celebrations. Screening will be followed by a discussion..