Above: Somali, Kenyan and Nigerian Troops were some of the best fighters in the war against the Japanese. They were not allowed to have black officers. When they returned home they were'nt allowed to vote and their land was often given to white immigrants from England.

Saturday 25th October 1.00pm-4.00pm
Conference Room, Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road SE1,Tube: Lambeth North.
Free entry: First come,first served Please bring a donation

This interactive talk will look at Britains use of false information to control the  African/Caribbean population while  recruiting them to fight in WW2 and the propaganda employed by the Nazi regime which highlighted the hypocrisy of the USA where black troops fighting for "democracy" could not vote or sit at the front of the bus. In England during the war racist attacks were common on black troops and Caribbean troops earned a reputation for fighting back