Word Power International Black Literature Festival and Book Fair

Friday  10th to Sunday 12th October 10.00am-8.00pm daily

Emirates Stadium, Arsenal Conference Hall, Drayton Park N5. More info:  0207 254 9632

Lectures, debates, film shows,book launches. Meet and netwrok with literary agents,authors,wholesalers,distributors,historians, from Africa, Europe, America, Caribbean...
Word Power aims to acknowledge the literary contributions of people of African descent in the development of both Western Literature and civilization. An event like ours has become all the more important since, within very recent times, scholars and historians such as Prof. Manu Ampim of Africana Studies, Oakland California (USA) (The Vanishing Evidence of African Classical Civilizations, 2006) and Robin Walker (When we Ruled), have once again found it necessary to challenge the West's attempt to falsify African History