(left) Gershon Brown (Guyana) served in World War 1 and fought in a crucial battle in Palestine against the Turkish Army who were allies of the Germans

(right) Eugent Clarke (Jamaica) also served in the British West Indies Regiment and was present at Taranto when the troops rebelled against being told to clean the toilets of white soldiers

(more info see Mutiny at www.sweetpatootee.co.uk )
Saturday 26th July 1pm-4.30pm
Conference Room, Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road SE1, Tube: Lambeth North.
Free entry: First come,first served, Please bring a donation

To promote the new exhibition detailing the African-Caribbean presence in World War 2. We present a series of monthly events which will add detail to the displays.

This interactive talk will use film clips, commentary and music to show what life was like in the Caribbean and how that population got to be there in the first place. It will aslo explain why they would want to fight and die for Britain a country that had enslaved their ancestors. Films to be shown include Mutiny about the West Indian Regiment based in Italy in World War 1

Sunday 22nd June 1.30-5pm
Conference Room, Imperial War Museum
Tube: Lambeth North, Free entry: Please bring a donation

This event is repeated in honour of Connie Marks and the Windrush Generation

Black Women; Hair, Skin and Beauty

Saturday 28th June 1pm-5.00pm

Museum in Docklands,

West India Quay (Docklands Light Railway)

Free entry: first come,first served

Please bring a donation


This event is repeated in honour of Connie Marks and the Windrush Generation

This event is repeated in honour of Connie Marks and the Windrush generation
Sunday 1st June 3pm-5.15pm
National Portrait Gallery, St Martins Lane,Tube: Leicester Square
Free entry: First come,first served Please bring a donation

Coming to England’ is a sixty minute film adaptation of Floella Benjamin's fantastic 1994 book . It tells the story of a her journey as a ten year old from  Trinidad to London in the 60's. Many West Indians at that time, encouraged by enticing adverts, left their homes and migrated to Britain. They came in the belief that England was a promised land. But instead of happiness they found a cold and hostile welcome . It depicts what England, particularly London was like in the early 60's and shows how Floella and her family overcome obstacles to succeed

Blacks Britannica was banned from TV in 1977 and has never been screened since. We present the rare and uncompromising film which features black people in the early seventies from London, Midlands and Bradford detailing their plans and activities to handle racism in housing, education and employment. Those who think the civil rights movement only happened in the USA need to watch this film with notepad and pen. John La Rose, Jessica Huntley, Darcus Howe, Colin Prescod, Gus John and many others feature.

Saturday  17 May 2.00pm-4.30pm
BFI Southbank (near Royal Festival Hall) Belvedere Road SE1
Tube: Waterloo. Admission £5.00 Box office 0207 928 3232

Award winning adaptation of Joseph Zobells initially banned novel.Set in Martinique in

the 1930s, this award-winning adaptation of Joseph Zobel’s novel follows the struggles of a

young boy as he fights for his future. With an introduction by Paul Goodwin, curator at Tate

Modern. After the screening we will welcome Jenny Zobel, daughter of Joseph, to discuss her

father's wider work and legacy. Sylviane Rano, co-founder of the Images of Black Women festival, www.imagesofblackwomen.com  will also join us for the discussion. A perfect cinema trip for families

Plus Q & A with Jide Olanrewaju
Saturday 10 May 12.30pm-5.15pm
Museum in Docklands, West India Quay (Docklands Light Railway)
Free entry: first come,first served

Corruption, Mismanagement, Fraud,War are the stereotypical views of Nigeria and indeed Africa as a whole.This block-busting film explodes the mis-education and stereotypes and puts the country we now call Nigeria into context. This is the best film

on African history and politics you will see this year. If you've ever asked yourself "why is Africa the way it is?" the answers are here. Trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcRAWvKvaqM

Topics covered...

* How the British fixed the  elections
* "Nigeria" does not exist
* How Europeans encouraged civil war
* The Role and Rise of the Army
* The City of London = Corruption Head Office
* Creating poverty as a means of control